What is the gestalt method? Basic techniques used in gestalt therapy

método gestalt

A método gestalt is a humanistic and centered person in the method of psychotherapy that focuses on a person’s present life challenges instead of focusing on the past good and bad experiences. Where in other therapy methods, research a lot about the person’s past.

This therapy is based on the environment of the person and their growth and balance. This is similar to person-centered therapy when used this way for treatment. Emphasis therapists treat patients with empathy. The client’s unconditional acceptance enhances the outcome of the therapy.

Context is necessary in this therapy. A person can’t understand the spiritual level until they understand the context of life. As a result, therapists using this method recognize that no one can fully experience the perspectives even if they influence their own context.

Techniques used in therapy

Gestalt therapy is experienced in the form of exercise and experiments.

It can be managed in separate or group settings. Gestalt therapy is intended to stimulate action, emotion, or goals of the person in therapy. The therapist examines the person who attends the therapy to understand the experience of the exercise result in order to increase awareness and help the person.

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Empty chair technique

The empty chair technique is a typical gestalt therapy exercise that places the person in a chair and with another empty chair. He is asked to imagine that the person you need to speak to a lot is there or a part of them is sitting in the chair. The therapist inspires discussion between the empty chair and the person in therapy in order to know the person’s opinions, emotions, and behaviors.

Sometimes this method is reversed and the person in therapy undertakes the emblematic person or part of a person in the chair. The empty chair technique assists people in remaining stress-free in the situation and remembering aspects of their own personality.

The método gestalt also distinguishes that forcing a person to change will result in distress and fragmentation in the person. So, the therapy sessions focus on serving people instead of asking for problems, and they learn to agree with and believe in their emotional state and experiences to improve stress relief.

Gestalt therapy conferences do not have any guidelines to be followed; therapists are encouraged to work with patients to make them use inspiration in their approaches, depending on context and the individual’s personality. Direct interaction between therapist and client gives experience and research, and focuses on the things that clients wish to speak and do.

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