Understanding About The Used Cars Warranty

Used Cars Warranty

When buying a used car warranty, avoid paying for the odds. Buying a used car often involves going to a local car dealer and haggling for the best possible price. Few people feel comfortable haggling because they are not used to the situation. Used car warranties can be found online at significantly reduced prices.

One of the biggest problems many car buyers face when buying used cars in tucson is what to do if it breaks down. Is there any warranty or consumer protection when you take your car out of a parking lot? For many, a used car warranty from a dealer can provide solid peace of mind when buying a used car.

What is the legal guarantee of a used car?

Used car dealers must provide a legal warranty on most used cars in tucson they sell. The exact terms of the warranty vary from state to state but generally require that the vehicle be no more than 7 to 10 years old and less than 120,000 to 100,000 miles on it.

A legal used car warranty means that during the warranty period, the dealership covers the cost of repairing any mechanical defects in the car. These could be problems with the engine, brakes, or suspension. For every day the vehicle is repaired and not driven, the legal guarantee is extended by one day.

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Warranty for “new” cars and certified pre-owned cars

If you buy a used car only a couple of years old, your purchase may still be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty automatically transfers to you along with ownership of the car. Meanwhile, many dealerships may offer an extended manufacturer’s warranty that extends the original manufacturer’s warranty when purchasing a new vehicle.

Always read the fine print and understand exactly what the extended warranty covers and who will be responsible for extended warranty repairs; For example, some car manufacturers offer extended warranties, such as Toyota or Peugeot, while other warranty plans are supported by third-party providers that guarantee the third side.

Some brands offer a Certified Pre-Owned car program: These specific cars have been verified in the form of points and come with their manufacturer’s warranty for a specified period.

What to look for

Purchasing a used car from a dealer will generally be more expensive than obtaining it through a private sale, but rest assured that most cars come with a legal 3-month warranty. Dealers are also required to display relevant vehicle information, including:

  • REVs verify the information: all vehicles must have a clean title and no title funds before they are sold.
  • Warranty coverage: If the vehicle is not covered by a legal warranty (due to age or odometer reading), this should be clearly stated next to the price.
  • Year of manufacture and odometer reading: The basic information will give you additional information to make a buying decision.


The check ensures that the dealer is not engaged in fraudulent activity, such as odometer reversals, and gives you more information about the vehicle’s history, such as if the car has been written off or water damaged.